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Digging into the Biden Era Agricultural Agenda

The 2020 elections ushered in a new era of leadership – and a different set of priorities – for food and agriculture. Expect to see a much more aggressive focus on social issues and climate change from both Congress and the new Biden Administration. While Covid, the farm economy, and trade relations with China also will remain front and center on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, don’t look for radical change in agricultural policy that will substantively change the food picture for American consumers or foreign customers.

Food Regulations & Policy


Trump vs. Biden: Comparing Ag Platforms

Election Day is almost here. So where do Trump and Biden stand on American food and agriculture? We compare the candidates' views on the major issues affecting farmers and ranchers today.

Agricultural Labor, Conservation, Food Regulations & Policy


Transcript: Digging into Biofuels

Colin Murphy of UC Davis guides research on transportation, energy, air quality, and carbon markets, with a primary focus on sustainable fuel policies. His work bridges the gap between cutting-edge academic science, and the day-to-day challenges of real-world policy making.

Food Production, Food Technology


Expert Take on Defining 'Sustainability'

Sustainability has become almost a buzzword across every segment of our modern world. But where do we really stand in turning the idea of sustainability into meaningful reality? For answers we turn to a true expert on all things sustainability...

Agricultural Technology, Soil and Crop Management


5 Ways Cattle & Dairy Cows Can Help the Environment

Dairy cow and cattle farms have been mistakenly blamed for a disproportionate amount of climate change. But let's take a closer look at this assumption...

Soil and Crop Management


New England Farm Connects Soil to Health

Steve McMenamin, manager of Versailles Farms in Connecticut, operates at the forefront of regenerative agriculture. His farm's mission? To grow food for the community with an emphasis on nutrient density, flavor, and good digestion. 

Soil and Crop Management