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Digging In: Regenerative Ranching

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Digging In: Regenerative Ranching

Meet Greg Putnam...

In this podcast, we're talking with the co-founder, operator, and rancher of Little Belt Cattle Company. This beautiful ranch is a veteran-owned and operated first-generation business dedicated to raising high-quality cattle. Greg's company uses regenerative ranching practices to protect our natural resources and reduce any environmental impact.

Little Belt Cattle Company is a family-owned and operated working cattle ranch and premium beef company founded by two former special operations veterans, Greg Putnam and Tim Sheehy. Together, they have built a local sustainable supply chain of the highest quality grass-fed and grain-finished premium beef that is raised, finished, and processed in Montana.

Greg talks to us about the challenges and excitement of taking care of his cattle. He speaks to the hard work and dedication of multi-generation ranches, as well as similarities between the military and cattle ranching.

regenerative ranching, Digging In: Regenerative Ranching

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