Connecting you with our food system and its value in our daily lives — from dirt to dinner.

About Us

Dirt to Dinner's Vision is to inspire curiosity and knowledge about our food, from the dirt to our dinner table.

Our Mission is to be the trusted source of unbiased, fact-based information that empowers the consumer and bridges the gap with all those who provide the food we depend on to stay healthy and strong.


What We Believe:

  • Choice. Everyone should have a choice about how to grow, produce, and eat their food. There is not just one answer.
  • Innovation and Technology. New ideas, creativity, and sound science will improve the ways in which we grow, process, and eat our food to build a better future for our food system.
  • Ethics. We believe the entire food supply should be built on honesty, safety, and sustainability. We are transparent in our purpose, approach and information sources.
  • Intellectual Rigor. We actively seek out a comprehensive range of credible, balanced sources, allies, and other parties wishing to engage in a constructive conversation. We rely on accredited, peer-reviewed scholarly and academic sources that have been in an established publication.
  • Food Unites People. We all have a shared stake in a healthy, sustainable food system. Through trade, shared experiences, and sharing knowledge food can unite people everywhere and foster the best interests of the global community.

Areas of Focus:

Podcasts Podcasts


Speaking with experts across all industries to unearth food & ag's interconnectedness and exploring the path ahead

Global Food Global Food

Global Food

Evaluating the role and interests of the U.S. and agriculture in the global food system and how food trade flows around the world

Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Examining innovations to our food system via scientific advancements, public policy and government programs, and technologies from producers, processors, and CPG companies

Nutrition Nutrition


Exploring advances in nutritional science and standards for health and food safety, as well as evolving consumer preferences, trends, and diets

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Helping global food producers tell their stories by showcasing various types of farmers, ranchers, processors, and other industry professionals

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