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Newtrient’s Carbon Quest

Newtrient’s Carbon Quest

Digging in with Newtrient

It may be the single biggest question facing agriculture today: how do we find a sustainable way to provide all the food we need and still protect our environment for future generations?

D2D’s Digging In talks with Mark Stoermann and Jamie Vander Molen about the approach to answering that question taken by Newtrient – a midwestern team of experts focused on helping producers find innovative solutions to challenges posed by climate change.

  • Listen to Mark and Jamie explain why technology and markets go hand-in-hand in advancing creative farming practices that sequester more of the carbon we need for healthy, regenerative soil.
  • Let them explain how cooperation and collaboration lead to effective new approaches to such things as waste management, tillage and cropping patterns – real-world answers to climate change that deliver both the environmental results we need and the farm profitability that makes improvement possible.
  • Learn how this positive approach to climate change can help agriculture deliver a disproportionate share of our overall carbon sequestration goals.
  • Hear the barriers to real progress that emerge when over-regulation stifles initiative and chokes off the curiosity that fuels entrepreneurship.

It’s a lively conversation with talented and passionate people – experts with deep roots in the dairy world and other farming sectors who recognize the power and potential of the agricultural sector in building a sustainable, market-based response to climate change. Together, they provide an upbeat overview of the ag world’s efforts to combat climate change – while providing an uninterrupted supply of the food we all need.

Give it a listen.  It’s time well spent.

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