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Expert Take on Defining ‘Sustainability’

Agricultural Technology, Soil and Crop Management

Expert Take on Defining ‘Sustainability’

Meet Dr. Christine Daugherty...

Sustainability has become almost a buzzword across every segment of our modern world. We see it in headlines, in the halls of government, in the proud pronouncements of business, and so on. But where do we really stand in turning the idea of sustainability into meaningful reality? For answers we turn to a true expert on all things sustainability...

Christine Daugherty has both a PhD in plant physiology and a law degree. She is widely recognized as both a deep thinker and active agent of sustainability, working with a wide number of companies and other organizations deeply committed to the idea of sustainability.

Christine will talk to us about the business community’s commitment to sustainability. She will weigh in on the continuing debate on carbon sequestration. And she will help us understand the parallels between sustainability and regenerative agriculture, including soil management practices.

If you believe sustainability is one of the most important topics in today’s world of food and agriculture, you definitely want to hear what Christine has to say.

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