5 Big Questions for 2022

By Khala Hurd January 12, 2022

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5 Big Questions for 2022

By Khala Hurd January 12, 2022

Whether you’re looking for quick information, or want something to impress your friends at dinner, here’s our Featured 5 of the Week!

Each year brings new innovations in the food and agriculture world, and this year is no different. But figuring out what to expect in 2022 takes some thoughtful consideration with each important question. Here are the five major ones we have:

1. What are the trade implications for Xi and Putin?

These two leaders are looking for homogamy and to expand their borders through military presence and social and economic pressure. What will this mean for trade, tariffs, and agribusiness?

2. What does food security mean for China and the rest of the world?

Our world is growing…and fast. By 2050, the global population is expected to increase to nearly 10 billion people. How will a country like China, that exports over $26 billion from the United States in the ag market, find food security in 2022?

3. How can we sustainably feed the world without expanding agriculture’s footprint?

The cattle industry along with farmers and ranchers everywhere have come under attack for emitting methane and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. What innovations will help us reach carbon-neutral agriculture?

4. Will regenerative agriculture scale to make a meaningful difference in creating and building up our soil?

More and more farmers are turning to regenerative agriculture because it allows them to grow more nutritious food with healthier soil. But is it enough? How many farmers will it take to make a real difference?

5. What does the future hold for the alternative protein industry?

As alternatives to chicken, pork, beef, and eggs, more companies are creating or promoting plant-based options. Will these proteins continue to be adopted by the consumer? Are we coming closer to a world where these animal-based proteins are significantly displaced?

The Bottom Line

As with every year, there is a lot in store for food and ag in 2022. We will continue to do our research to answer these questions for our readers and consumers everywhere. For our full list of questions for 2022, click here.