Hillary E. Kaufman

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Hillary believes in the power of research to substantiate sound decision-making, especially when it comes to learning about our food system. Hillary’s earlier career centered on forecasting consumer trends and researching potential investment ideas in the healthcare and consumer goods spaces. But as her family grew, Hillary’s priorities shifted. So, in 2017, she enthusiastically joined D2D.

As a team member, Hillary manages the D2D website and makes sure readers have a great experience navigating all our content across our varied subjects, media experiences, and platforms. Given her love of cooking, she’ll write about the issues affecting our decision-making at the grocery store. This often includes all those gimmicky labels we see on our foods that make us falsely assume one product is superior. The worst offender to date? Non-GMO salt.

Hillary hopes her contribution to the site helps readers make research-driven food decisions for their families, as it has with hers.

Hayley N. Philip

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Hayley joined D2D in 2018 as Marketing Director. As the granddaughter of a farmer and growing up in California’s Central Valley, one of the nation’s most productive agricultural regions, Hayley’s interest in food, farming, and agriculture began at a young age. But it wasn’t until a few years ago when she was trying to make healthier meals for her family, that she realized the enormous challenge people faced in getting actual facts about our food and food system.

During that time, Hayley found herself navigating through a jungle of misinformation, misleading labels and “fake” diets and health claims. As her frustration mounted, Hayley wondered if the glut of food misinformation was contributing to millions of Americans now facing obesity and chronic illnesses (like Type 2 diabetes).

Determined to be part of the solution and help people use food to better their own health, Hayley jumped at the chance to be part of the D2D team.

Hayley also leads the team in debunking popular fad diets, fast-nutrition, and myths about ‘quick’ dietary fixes. Hayley also researches and writes about the intersectionality of regeneration and sustainable growing methods that will safely produce enough food for future generations.

Hayley is a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara with degrees in Sociology and Marketing.  She moved to New York shortly after graduation, where she worked in sales and marketing for almost a decade before joining D2D.