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We've got questions for you, 2022...

Governments and companies are changing the way we address food security, the environment, and consumer health. At D2D, we have covered some of these subjects previously but are now looking harder at how the future will be shaped by those who grow, trade, process, and consume food.

Food Production, Food Technology, Food Trade, Health, Soil and Crop Management


Want to Save the Planet? 'Break Boundaries' at Home

Netflix documentary, Breaking Boundaries, has been criticized as another over-the-top and scary climate change film. But at its core, the message is simple – 'Be the Earth's Conscience.' But what does that mean, and how can I personally make a difference?

Climate Change, Conservation


5 Things ‘Seaspiracy’ taught me about Seafood

Aside from its distorted facts and questionable agenda, the Netflix film, 'Seaspiracy', smartly spotlights glaring issues in the sustainable seafood industry. However, options exist that support a healthy seafood system -- we just need to ask the right questions.

Agricultural Technology, Food Production, Food Regulations & Policy


Why Do We Make Bad Food Choices?

Before reading Jack Bobo's new book, I assumed I was making good choices to stay healthy. But after reading "Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices", I questioned everything. Are social media and grocery store marketing tactics hijacking my decision-making? Apparently so...

Food Production, Health


Climate-Smart Farming Paves the Way Toward Carbon Negative

AgMission, a partnership among two farm-related organizations, has the goal to reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint and even make farming carbon-negative. And, in the process, they might also help us find products promoting sustainability.

Climate Change, Soil and Crop Management


5 Creative Ways to Eat Your Veggies

Happy National Nutrition Month! Vegetables are one of the most nutritious foods we can consume, and our bodies need a lot of them. There are lots of fun and yummy ways to get your daily value of veggies and we’re going to show you some of our favorites.