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Soil Science with FFA’s Elszy

Soil and Crop Management

Soil Science with FFA’s Elszy

Meet FFA's Brennan Elszy...

This week on Digging In, we’re excited to talk with Brennan about his involvement in the Future Farmers of America program and his award-winning research on plant and soil sciences.

Brennan, an FFA member of the Hanford Chapter in California, loves soil science. His particular interest is examining the effect of fumigating soil to manage plant parasites called nematodes. His research involves examining orchard soils that were previously planted with an orchard to determine the soil’s current health.

Brennan’s previous research focused on examining the health of pruned trees in various fumigated soils to determine if ‘replant syndrome’ was caused by nematode populations. Replant syndrome is when tree fruit yields decrease as trees are repeatedly planted in the same nursery.

Let’s listen in as Brennan explains the practical applications of his work in soil science and what he has in store next for the ag community.

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