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Meet D2D’s Lucy Stitzer

Meet D2D’s Lucy Stitzer

Meet the founder

Lucy believes an educated and curious food consumer can transform the global agricultural system. She is determined to make evidence-based food research and information accessible to consumers so they can make the best choices for themselves and their families.

Lucy’s passion for ensuring people everywhere have access to healthy, safe, and sustainable food began when her first child of three was born. Lucy and two of her sons have a unique blood disorder which encouraged them to ‘eat well’ and live a healthy lifestyle. She began researching which foods are the most nutritious. What the young, working mom discovered was a vast and complex food system.

There was (and still is) a wealth of misinformation, fads, and outright lies about the global food system. Lucy’s journey with her sons inspired her to research and understand the science around food and food production. Lucy strives for a world where global food is grown sustainably, nutritiously, and affordably and will often ask food producers and industry experts, “what needs to change to achieve this objective?”

This is not easy as each country has its unique culture, income levels, political environment, and arable land. And most countries are not self-sufficient with their food supply, as many participate in global food trade. Yet still, the consumer can ask whether their food was grown sustainably using innovation, technology, and sound science.

Lucy loves excitement and fun activities with her three boys and husband. She runs, skis, golfs, gardens, rides motorcycles, and flies airplanes.

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