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Digging in: Jim Wiesemeyer, Ag Policy Analyst

Digging in: Jim Wiesemeyer, Ag Policy Analyst

Dirt to Dinner: Digging In

For our Digging In podcast, we speak with Jim Wiesemeyer, D.C. Ag Policy Analyst, who has spent decades reporting on the ag scene with unique insights into its effects on our global food system. Listen in for his take on the situation in Ukraine, and what it means for U.S. farmers and consumers.

There’s probably no one in a better position to help us understand this incredibly convoluted – and important – situation. Jim Wiesemeyer has spent decades in Washington watching the ag scene, reporting every day on the ins-and-outs of developments on Capitol Hill, at the White House, at the Department of Agriculture, and all the places where decisions are made about food and ag.

Jim is well known for his commentary and especially his own podcasts on behalf of ProFarmer and Farm Journal. After you’ve listened to this episode of Digging In, check out his podcast at profarmer.com.

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