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Digging In with Easy Energy

Soil and Crop Management

Digging In with Easy Energy

Meet Mark Gaalswyk & Bill Bliler, Easy Energy

There's no question...we waste a lot of food. But there's hope thanks to environmental tech, like Easy Energy Systems. Mark and Bill explain how their modular modern technology can help us reduce waste all along our food chain and promote the greater food security we all want to see. Tune in…it’s time definitely not wasted.

What a waste. And indeed it is when it comes to our food.

Experts tell us we waste as much as 30 to 40 percent of our food along the journey from dirt to dinner. But the folks at Easy Energy Systems are applying modern technology in an innovative way to tackle the problem head on – transforming waste into useful products.

From environmentally-friendly fertilizers, to biofuels, to soil-enhancing, water-conserving products and a whole host of other things, Easy Energy utilizes modular technology to create a renewable energy cycle. Tune in…it’s time definitely not wasted.

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