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Digging in with Dr. Jim Joachim, Internist & Clinical Nutritionist


Digging in with Dr. Jim Joachim, Internist & Clinical Nutritionist

Meet Dr. Jim Joachim...

In this episode of Digging In, we're talking with esteemed internist and medical nutritionist, Dr. Jim Joachim, MD, FACN, about the role nutrition plays in meeting our individual health needs. We also dive into the curious and unregulated world of supplements, where Dr. Joachim provides common sense backed by research that can help guide us to a healthier, more informed self.

Dr. Joachim is a primary care internist and a medical and clinical nutritionist at his practice in San Diego, California. Dr. Joachim is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and has given hundreds of clinical nutrition presentations to doctors, nurses, students, and patients for over 35 years.

And to keep things interesting, Dr. Joachim was a tactical physician in the Wilmington, NC Police Department’s SWAT Team, undergoing rigorous training to graduate from the Police Academy to serve those wounded in the field.

Listen in to extract the varied pieces of wisdom Dr. Joachim has accumulated, both with his practice and in real-life experiences. His insights will provide confidence in your dietary decision-making and quiet the noise from supplement companies that seem to promise the world in one little pill or scoop of powder.

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