5 Healthier Holiday Cocktails

December 18, 2020



5 Healthier Holiday Cocktails

December 18, 2020

Whether you’re looking for quick information, or want something to impress your friends at dinner, here’s our Featured 5 of the Week!

If there’s one thing we love during the holidays, it’s all of the festive cocktails! There’s nothing better than settling in for the night with a delicious holiday cocktail. But, many of them include extra calories, unwanted carbs, and lots of bad sugar. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of healthier holiday cocktails so we can all enjoy without having to worry about breaking our health goals!

5. Rosemary Gin Cocktail

healthy holiday cocktails, 5 Healthier Holiday CocktailsThis cocktail is so light and fresh, you’ll be adding this to your cocktail list for every season!

The Rosemary Gin Cocktail contains gin, grapefruit, simple syrup, and of course, rosemary. But, don’t be afraid – the simple syrup is made from Truvia! Rather than using a simple syrup from the store that’s all sugar, try making this super easy Truvia simple syrup. You won’t notice the difference in the taste, but your body will surely thank you.

This cocktail is perfect to enjoy with friends and they’ll be so impressed with your Truvia simple syrup! Get the recipe here.

4. Red Fox

healthy holiday cocktails, 5 Healthier Holiday CocktailsThe Red Fox is a take on a Vodka Cranberry, but much lighter. We first found this drink in while on a trip. Locals of the destination town often enjoy this drink while watching polo matches. When we found out it only contains 140 calories per drink, we knew we had to add it to this list!

With only 3 ingredients, this is perfect for anytime you’re craving a drink but don’t want to spend a lot of time making one. And, it’s holiday red so how can it get any more festive than this?

Impress everyone around you with this pretty, yet super easy and delicious cocktail! Check out the recipe here.

3. Hot Toddy

healthy holiday cocktails, 5 Healthier Holiday CocktailsPicture this: It’s snowing outside. You have the fireplace going, tree lights on, under a blanket. What are you drinking? A Hot Toddy, of course!

There is nothing better than sipping a hot drink on a cold night. And, when hot cocoa just won’t cut it, this hits the spot and it won’t take you any more time to make. The Hot Toddy contains water, lemon juice, honey, and bourbon, with garnishes of apple slices and cinnamon. So light, so many great ingredients, and only 180 calories!

We will probably be making Hot Toddy’s all winter long! If you want to as well, here’s the recipe!

2. Light Tequila Sunrise

healthy holiday cocktails, 5 Healthier Holiday CocktailsLooking for a holiday brunch cocktail? We’ve got you covered!

We all love a good tequila sunrise, but with all of the added sugar, it’s so hard to enjoy one without feeling at least a little bit guilty. That’s why this lighter version is perfect! It still keeps the great taste of a tequila sunrise, but with better ingredients, including fresh squeezed grapefruit or orange juice. It’s also only 150 calories – wow!

So, mix it up, pour it into a festive glass like this one and enjoy! Here’s the recipe.

1. Skinny Santa Claus-Mopolitan

healthy holiday cocktails, 5 Healthier Holiday CocktailsOf course, we have to go with a classic for our number one healthier cocktail, and this one has Christmas written all over it!

This cocktail is sure to get even the Grinchiest of people into the holiday spirit! With only 3 ingredients and 130 calories, these are super easy to make and won’t come with the guilt that a regular cocktail would. They can also be personalized by adding lime juice to the rim then dipping in either Truvia or coconut flakes. It will give the perfect Santa Claus touch!

Whether you’re having a Christmas night with friends, family, or just watching movies by yourself, this is the perfect cocktail to enjoy! Get the recipe here.

The Bottom Line

Holiday cocktails can be both delicious and better for you! And, enjoying one doesn’t have to mean breaking your health goals or feeling guilty. As with everything, just be sure to consume in moderation. Happy Holidays! Cheers!