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Digging In with Dr. Michael Swanson

Digging In with Dr. Michael Swanson

Meet Dr. Michael Swanson

Noticed some dramatic increases with your food budget? Same here. So D2D talked with Dr. Michael Swanson, Chief Ag Economist at Wells Fargo, to look beyond the bill at the checkout counter to see the bigger picture of our food system right now.

Listen to our “Digging In” podcast to hear Dr. Michael Swanson, Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist tell us why he believes there’s more to the food inflation story than just the scary numbers we see in headlines, or the bigger bill at the checkout counter. Learn more about where the real drivers of higher food costs are across our modern food chain. Listen to his comments on the mistakes we could make in the battle to combat climate change – mistakes that could do more harm than good to our environment. And pay special attention to his advice for consumers on dealing with rising food costs at the supermarket. 

High food price inflation isn’t here to stay. And even with recent price increases, we’re still getting an exceptional deal on the food we buy today – and a much better deal than we did in the past. While some surprising factors will continue to place upward price pressure on certain parts of our food system, consumers still have the power to manage their food costs to avoid the worst effects of higher food costs.

It’s all on Dirt to Dinner’s podcast, Digging In, where we dig into subjects that help you better understand our modern food system and make informed choices with the food you eat.

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