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Digging In: Droughts Drive Smart Water Use

Climate Change, Soil and Crop Management

Digging In: Droughts Drive Smart Water Use


Spend a few minutes as we talk with Iowa farmer Curt Mether and Farm Journal Foundation’s Nate Birt on an admittedly very dry topic – drought. Anyone who understands even the fundamentals of farming knows that dry conditions – sometimes extremely dry conditions – can mean big trouble for producers and consumers alike. But what we often don’t appreciate is all the hard work farmers like Curt put into preparing for such conditions.

In our discussion, Curt will outline some of the things he and other smart, innovative farmers do to get ready for the worst. We’ll talk about the efforts being made to improve water management as a key element of farm management. We will hear about new technology and the enormous investments being made in tools for reducing water use, and relying on crops with greater drought resistance. We might also be surprised to hear why trade is an important part of the answer to drought.

Climate change is making drought and other weather extremes ever more likely. So take a few moments to join in with Nate and Dirt to Dinner’s Garland West to hear all the things people like Curt are doing to deal with this enormous challenge to our farming system – and our food security.

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