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Digging in: Mintel Food Trends Expert

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Digging in: Mintel Food Trends Expert

Meet Lynn Dornblaser, Food Product Expert

We had the pleasure of speaking with Mintel's Lynn Dornblaser about everything food-related! From understanding consumer desires to the evolution of functional and alternative food markets, and even analyzing what brands are getting right and wrong, Lynn provided us with invaluable insights.

Lynn Dornblaser is a seasoned expert with over 35 years of valuable product trend knowledge and experience at Mintel since 1998. She brings a unique perspective to her work, applying it to tailored client research and engaging in extensive public speaking engagements.

She has been recognized and quoted by esteemed U.S. news organizations, like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, and CNN. Lynn has also had the honor of serving as a keynote lecturer and speaker for numerous industry groups and sales forums.

Prior to joining Mintel, Lynn’s expertise in new product trends was showcased as the editor and editorial director of New Product News at various trade magazine publishing companies.

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