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Digging in: Julie Holmstrom, CPG Foods Strategist

Food Production, Food Technology

Digging in: Julie Holmstrom, CPG Foods Strategist

Meet Julie Holmstrom, Consumer Goods Expert

Join us as we tap into Julie's wealth of experience to discuss all things health and nutrition innovation within the realm of consumer packaged goods (CPG). Our insightful discussion focuses on the direction CPGs are headed with healthier product innovation, the tools they are implementing to get there, and how sustainable packaging is another way that CPGs are helping to create an overall healthier food system.  

Julie Holmstrom is a distinguished Food, Agriculture, and Consumer Packaged Goods Consultant with over three decades of international experience in driving opportunities through comprehensive strategy implementation and Research and Development (R&D) expertise.

Formerly serving as Innovation Technology & Quality Director, Nutrition and Technology Solutions at General Mills, her extensive career spans across the globe, where she has consistently excelled in steering product, process, and packaging development and renovation across diverse categories.

As a technical strategist, Julie possesses a remarkable ability to bridge the gap between technical possibilities and consumer demands, aligning these aspects seamlessly with business objectives.

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