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Digging in: Dancing Vineyard’s Cynthia & Lauren Russell

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Digging in: Dancing Vineyard’s Cynthia & Lauren Russell


Sit down with a glass of your favorite wine and listen to Lucy's conversation with her friends, Cynthia and Lauren Russell, a mother-daughter team that purchased land to start their own vineyard in Sonoma County, California.

Going back to her California roots, Cynthia and her family decided that a vineyard in Healdsburg is just the place for family and friend vacations.

, Digging in: Dancing Vineyard’s Cynthia & Lauren RussellWhat has started out as a novelty is now becoming a full-scale business.

Naming it Dancing Vineyard, Cynthia and Lauren’s mission is to take the mystery and intimidation out of enjoying wine by creating a product to be enjoyed on all occasions. With their unique crop and acreage, and their focus on the integrity of the vines and soil, we can’t wait to enjoy their wine “for the fun of it”!

Cynthia and Lauren detail the history of zinfandel grapes, their primary varietal, which have a sweet fruity flavor with a touch of spice. These grapes mix well with other varietals to make the desired wine that is enjoyable to drink, and not daunting to purchase. A historic grape, zinfandel was brought to the U.S. from Croatia in the early 1800s. These grapes mix well with other varietals to make the desired wine.

Cynthia graduated from Claremont McKenna College, has her MBA from Harvard, and a Doctorate from the Department of Organization and Leadership at Columbia University. Lauren graduated from Dartmouth and has her MBA from Columbia University. Both Lauren and Cynthia have extensive marketing, consulting, and business management experience.

, Digging in: Dancing Vineyard’s Cynthia & Lauren Russell

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