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D2D Digs into the Future of Biofuels

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D2D Digs into the Future of Biofuels

Meet Colin Murphy, Low Carbon Fuel Expert...

Colin guides research on transportation, energy, air quality, and carbon markets, with a primary focus on sustainable fuel policies at UC Davis. His work bridges the gap between cutting-edge science and the day-to-day challenges of real-world policymaking.

We’re excited to dig into biofuels with Colin Murphy, Deputy Director of the Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and the Economy, and co-director of the ITS-Davis Low Carbon Fuel Policy Research Initiative. During our podcast, we discuss advancements in the space and the massive effect biofuels will have on all points along the supply chain, including our food system.

Prior to joining the Policy Institute, Colin was a Science Policy Fellow with the California Council on Science and Technology, and an advocate for sustainable transportation and energy policy with the NextGen Policy Center, where he helped extend California’s climate programs through 2030.

Colin has a B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering from UC Davis, a M.S. in Science, Technology and Public Policy from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Transportation Technology and Policy from UC Davis.

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