5 Things to Know About AquAdvantage Salmon

By Khala Hurd April 1, 2021

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5 Things to Know About AquAdvantage Salmon

By Khala Hurd April 1, 2021

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite of information or want to drop some knowledge on your dinnertime companions, here’s our Featured 5 of the Week!

AquAdvantage Salmon, created by AquaBounty, is the first genetically-modified salmon approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Here is what we need to know about this GM salmon.

5. It’s more sustainable and unique

AquAdvantage Salmon grows much faster than conventional salmon, therefore, getting to the market in less time. This is the most significant difference between the two. AquAdvantage Salmon takes 18 months to reach maturity, while conventional salmon takes anywhere from 36 months to 7 years, depending on if they’re farmed or wild.

4. It was approved in 2015 but not sold in stores

Many consumers don’t know that the FDA approved AquAdantage Salmon in 2015 after it underwent a mandatory premarket FDA safety evaluation. In 2016, a bill was passed that banned its importation and sale until the FDA published labeling guidelines. After, the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed the GMO labeling rule, which became effective on February 19, 2019. When this took place, the FDA deactivated the import ban, and the salmon was finally allowed to enter and be sold in the U.S.

3. It’s safe to eat

No evidence indicates AquAdvantage Salmon is harmful. The FDA concluded it’s as safe as eating conventional salmon because, after some analysis, they found the GE salmon to be the same as traditionally grown. However, if you are allergic to fish, do not consume the AquAdvantage Salmon.

2. They cannot mix with wild stocks of fish

Some are concerned that AquAdvantage Salmon will escape and interbreed with wild salmon. However, this is not possible because AquaBounty uses multiple, redundant biological, geographical, and physical containment measures. To learn more about the measures in place, click here.

1. It’s better for the environment

AquAdvantage Salmon is better for the environment for several reasons. First, it has a lower carbon footprint with over 95% of the water recycled and less transportation required. It has a better chance of survival because it grows faster, avoiding danger during vulnerable stages. It does not require any chemicals or antibiotics because it has a reduced risk of infection given its controlled environment. And, it requires 25% less feed, leading to a better conversion rate.

The Bottom Line

We should not be scared of AquAdvantage Salmon. It is no different in taste or safety from conventional salmon and is better for the environment.