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Joan  Conrow

Joan Conrow

Joan Conrow has 35 years of experience as a journalist and editor and runs her own communications consulting service. She specializes in environmental issues, biotechnology, and agriculture, and is especially interested in how these highly charged topics are playing out globally. Joan has written countless newspaper and magazine articles, scripted and produced documentaries, contributed to academic publications, and authored travel guides. She holds a BA in history and journalism, and is certified in beekeeping, mediation, and facilitation. She lived and reported in Hawaii for nearly three decades before relocating to the high desert of New Mexico.

The Case for New Breeding Technologies

The Case for New Breeding Technologies

With the global population to top 9 billion and climate change reducing crop yields by 25-30% by 2050, how will we keep everyone fed? Technological innovations, such as gene editing and synthetic biology, offer tools to meet the demand — if they are allowed to move forward.

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