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How is Dirt to Dinner Funded?

Hi – it’s Lucy here. I have received a lot of questions about D2D’s funding. Asking good questions and demanding transparency from any news source is crucial.

I want you to know I am personally answering the below questions. Have a question about our funding that I didn’t answer? Shoot it to me here.

Who funds D2D?

The answer is easy: I, along with help from my husband, fund this site with the money we have earned or are earning by working and investing. My previous career was in banking and finance. Over the past several years, I have invested in small businesses. My husband is CEO of his own firm, Hamlin Capital Management.

I am proud of the career I have built and the money I have earned. I’m glad I have made enough of it to start D2D.  My goal is to give you, the consumer, clear, straight-forward answers (always backed by science and research) about food and our food system.

In some ways, it’s a wonder why I built my own career. When I was younger, I was told my main job was to “marry well”.  I never asked exactly what that meant, but assumed it was to marry someone who would take care of me. Lots of girls were told that. Why? At that time, many people assumed a woman couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make any money on her own. Well, I married a great guy who has provided for me lots of love, support, and excitement. I also managed to build a career on my own and have a few kids along the way.

Wait – you’re a part of the Cargill family! Cargill is a global corporation –  do you do this to benefit Cargill?

You’re right…I am part of the Cargill family. In 1865, my great, great grandfather, W.W. Cargill, started a small grain business which today is Cargill Inc. You can read about the company here. Today, I hold some shares in Cargill, along with many other companies. And, as I put in my bio, I served on the Cargill Board of Directors for 18 years.

It’s fair to ask whether Cargill is somehow benefiting from D2D. Here’s the answer: no. Cargill doesn’t need me – or anyone else for that matter – to start a blog to secretly help them disseminate information or make money. They do that very well and are very transparent by bringing food, agricultural, financial and industrial products to people who need them all over the world.

Do you sell Cargill’s products and services on this site?

No, we don’t sell any of Cargill’s products or services on this site. However, Cargill is one of the biggest agricultural businesses in the world and sometimes we may talk about something they are involved in. If we do, we’ll be transparent about it and explain why we think it is important for you to know about the product or service we are mentioning.

Does Cargill help fund D2D?

No. Dirt to Dinner does not receive any money from Cargill.

Do you sell anything on your site?

Yes! We are just beginning to sell apparel. Please check it out here.

Have more questions for me about our funding?  Send them to me here.

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